Zip-Top Bag Painting

toddler 13 (3)

Ever wish you could let your toddler paint without the mess?

I imagine we’ve all raised our hands! So this method is for you. Zip-top bags are actually how I introduced Travis to paints, around 15 months old; squirt a few different paint colors into large zip-top bags and seal. Let your child smoosh the paints around with their fingers, experiment with drawing shapes, or discover what happens when two or more colors run together. The game is particularly nice with colored construction paper under the bag, so that moving a line of paint reveals a line of colored paper underneath.

Today, I upped the ante, with Travis nearing his second birthday. Our “theme” of the week this week was the sun, and I wanted a fine motor painting activity, but wasn’t in the mood for a mess.

I cut out two suns, one white and one orange, and placed in zip-top bags.

toddler 13 (1)

I then added a few globs of yellow paint and sealed the bags shut.

Now it’s up to your little one! Provide him or her with anything that rolls (old-fashioned clothespins worked great), and teach them to spread the paint around by rolling.

toddler 13 (4)

Travis got the idea, but I had to help him spread/roll far enough for the paint to reach the edges. I also was low on yellow paint, so our sun received a bit of orange decoration!

toddler 13 (5)

Once it dried, we hung the sun in the window, a nice pretend glow on a dreary, rainy day.

toddler 13 (6)