Animal Safari

Animal Safari (3)

This activity is an oldie-but-goodie in our household, one of Travis’s favorite games to play before bed. We only play a couple of times a month so that it’s always exciting when I announce it’s a night to hunt for our animal friends!

While your child isn’t looking, hide a few stuffed animals, preferably jungle-themed. This set from Giggle fits the bill perfectly. I recommend “hiding” the animals in fairly obvious places so your little one doesn’t get frustrated.

Animal Safari (1)

As part of your bedtime routine, dim the lights and announce that it’s safari time. I love giving Travis a flashlight to hold as he searches to add to the excitement, and he loves when his spotlight falls on a furry find.

Somebody’s getting warmer…

Animal Safari (4)

Tada! Travis triumphantly uncovers a hippo:

Animal Safari (5)

And is that a monkey under the couch?

Animal Safari (2)

Encourage your child to name the animals they have found, for some fun vocab practice as well. And now good night!


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