Paper Plate Numbers

Paper Plate Numbers (7)

Veronika loves to bring her toy phone in the car, which has proved a great way to learn simple number recognition of the numerals 1 through 9. Here’s a great activity to build on that and emphasize that each number goes with a certain amount of things!

I labeled ten plates with the numbers 1 through 5, making two of each. I then added stickers to one set, with a corresponding number of colored dot stickers, but left the second set blank.

Paper Plate Numbers (1)

For each number, I first asked Veronika what it was. Sometimes she recognized it from her phone, and sometimes she sweetly confessed, “I can’t remember.”

Paper Plate Numbers (2)

Once we said the number out loud, we counted out the correct number of dot stickers to go on the plate. One, two, three!

Paper Plate Numbers (4)

Continue with as many pairs as you like, based on your child’s age and understanding… or just until you run out of paper plates!

Paper Plate Numbers (6)

Once all the plates have the right number of stickers, you can then play a matching game. I held up the plate with a 1 and Veronika’s task was to find the other.

Paper Plate Numbers (5)

Preschoolers can use these more than once for review, but don’t be surprised if your toddler turns it into a sticker free-for-all after the first round of the lesson.

Paper Plate Numbers (8)


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