Foil Moon Art

Foil Moon (5)

Making craters in a fake moon is always fun, but even more so after a night of star gazing! Today, Veronika and I made this quick version using a few items from around the house.

Foil Moon (1)

I cut a circle from aluminum foil, then gave it to Veronika to crumple up. Squish!

Foil Moon (2)

Carefully smooth the circle back out, then place coins underneath, pressing down around each one to form an outline. We used a quarter, dime, and penny so we could have many craters of different sizes, which was also a nice reminder on the names of each different coin.

Foil Moon (6)

Flip the foil back over and now there will be a “crater” everywhere you pressed around a coin. Veronika thought this method was so neat and wanted to keep going by herself for a while, including pressing the coins down on top of the foil.

Foil Moon (4)

When you’re done, your child can glue the circle to black construction paper and add star stickers for pretty artwork. We skipped that step, but we do plan to head back outside soon to see what else is happening in the real night sky this month!!

Foil Moon (3)


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