Balloon School Send-Off

First Day (4)

Help your kids soar up, up, and away into the new school year with this picture-perfect backdrop for first day of school pix. I spotted the idea in Parents magazine, and instantly knew we needed balloons in green (the school color!) to start the year off on a high note.

Bonus points: if you start the day blowing up balloons, it means that any back-to-school grumbles will instantly turn to glee! I then arranged the balloons in an arc against our garage door, attaching with painter’s tape.

Balloon School (5)

All your kids need to do is stand under the arch and smile big. Wishing all families out there a safe, healthy, and fantastic school year ahead.

First Day (3)


4 thoughts on “Balloon School Send-Off

  1. Violet's Vegan Comics says:

    When you say “balloon send off” you don’t mean you’re sending the balloons off do you? They devastate wildlife (Even balloons sold as biodegradable can take years to break down and cause permanent harm to animals who ingest them or are trapped by them). How about making your own cardboard ‘balloon’ images and sticking them on the garage door for your photo op instead? 😀 Lead the charge AGAINST balloons!


  2. rstarrlemaitre says:

    hi Violet, thanks so much for clarifying! No, the balloons immediately came right back inside with us. It was a “send off” for the kids, on their first day with the balloons merely as decoration. As a vegan family, we love wildlife and are always very careful with balloons


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