Look What I Did!

Travis is learning about “Long Ago” in social studies this year, which has introduced him to the idea of a  timeline. One great way to make a timeline more tangible for young kids is to have them make their own… featuring events from their own life!

The activity started out with a trip down memory lane, to think of big moments in his life so far. This was a great excuse to sit and go through old photos together! Travis loved seeing himself as a baby.

Once we had the photos printed, I challenged Travis to put them in chronological order. We arranged everything on a sheet of poster board, first, before making a big line down the center. Trim the photos to fit, as needed.

As he glued down each photo, Travis also labeled it, including such lifetime highlights as:

Being born

First day of school

Becoming a big brother

and more!

Little sister wanted to scribble out her own “timeline” too!

The actual events don’t matter so much as the fact that your child will learn to see time chronologically along a line with this project. Not to mention he or she is sure to be proud of all the accomplishments so far!


Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter

Sweet Sour Salty (6)

Here’s a fun way to teach your child about all those little bumps on the tongue aka, your taste buds. With a little taste test experiment, your child gets to make a “map” of their very own tongue!

To start, I set out a plate featuring four of the five tastes (we left off umami, although soy sauce would work in a pinch). Our plate featured: lemon for sour, a grapefruit rind for bitter, a salted pretzel for salty, and a spoonful of sugar for sweet.

Sweet Sour Salty (2)

Working with one food item at a time, Travis touched the food to the front, sides, or middle of his tongue. We weren’t entirely scientific about this, since probably he should have rinsed with water in between each touch, but he very studiously made a map of where he tasted each item the most.

Sweet Sour Salty (3)

The activity was great for spelling practice, too!

Sweet Sour Salty (5)

At the end, we looked up a map of the tongue online, to see whether what he had experienced matched up with existing maps. Adults might have fun joining in this activity for some tasty fun together.

Sweet Sour Salty (1)