Spring Flowers Craft

Spring Flowers (7)

These sweet handmade flowers make the perfect bouquet for Mother’s Day, whether to give to a mom or grandma in person, or to share over Zoom!

Ideally, we would have used green straws as flower stems, but because we’re a bit limited on craft supplies (thanks coronavirus), we settled for painting white straws green. I also painted white cupcake liners yellow.

Spring Flowers (1)

Once the paint dried, we were ready to assemble our flowers! Travis helped make four kinds:

Daffodil: Trace a three-pointed petal shape on each of 3 yellow cupcake liners. Align them so they make a 9-pointed circle and glue together. Trim a fourth (white) cupcake liner down, and glue into the center. Glue a small yellow pom pom in the middle, then tape to a green straw as the stem.

Spring Flowers (4)

Calla Lily: Cut blue construction paper into an equilateral triangle. Tape a green straw so that it points up at one of the triangle corners. Wrap the other sides of the triangle tightly around the straw, and tape into place. Fold a yellow pipe cleaner in half, and insert down through the “flower” into the straw.

Spring Flowers (5)

Daisy: Cut three strips out of white construction paper. Glue each in half to form loops, then glue the loops one atop another.

Spring Flowers (3)

Cut a circle from yellow construction paper and glue in the center. Tape to a green straw for a stem.

Poppy: Cut six circles from red tissue paper, then trim around the edges to resemble the petals of a flower. Glue the pieces one atop another.

Spring Flowers (2)

Cut a circle from black construction paper and glue in the center of the tissue paper. Poke the end of a yellow pipe cleaner through the black circle and then all the way through the tissue paper layers; thread the pipe cleaner down into a green straw.

Spring Flowers (6)

Gift your flowers to someone special. Happy Mother’s Day!

Spring Flowers (8)

Make a Father’s or Mother’s Day Gift

Father's Day (8)

With Mother’s and Father’s Day just around the corner, here’s the perfect idea for your spouse: Put together a gift featuring photos or sounds of your little ones.┬áThe following gifts will actually be mine to my husband in June, but adapt them for a special mom this coming Sunday, if you’d like!

There are so many websites on which you can make photo projects. I used simple software at Zazzle for two versions.

Father's Day (1)

The first was a tote bag, featuring one big photo of the kids.

Father's Day (3)

The second was a mug, which was able to feature three pics, plus a sweet inscription.

Father's Day (5)

As a final photo touch, I added a picture of Veronika to the front of a card.

Father's Day (6)

The final piece of the gift was auditory: a recording of Veronika’s babbles to be a ringtone!

Father's Day var.JPG

These personalized gifts are sure to make a mom or dad feel special, whether it’s the first Mother’s/Father’s Day, the tenth, or beyond!

Father's Day (4)

Bubbling Bath Fizzies

Bath Fizzies (6).JPG

If you’re still wondering what to make for grandmas, moms, aunts, or any other special mother-figure this mother’s day, Travis and I have got you covered with this treat for the toes from Highlights magazine. The gift is equal parts craft and science, which makes it a fantastic way to engage kids in the spirit of gift-giving.

Bath Fizzies (2)

In a large craft bin, Travis mixed up the following ingredients:

1 cup baking soda

1/2 cup citric acid

1/2 cup Epsom salts

3/4 cup corn starch

Make sure to tell your child that the mixture isn’t edible, even though most of the ingredients are, especially if you’re used to cooking together!

Bath Fizzies (1)

In a small bowl, we whisked together 2 tablespoons olive oil and 1 tablespoon water. Add the liquids to the mixture slowly, stirring until combined. Kids will want to wear goggles (or sunglasses, in a pinch!) to protect their eyes, since it will bubble as you stir.

We also added blue food coloring for a pretty tint and a few drops of vanilla extract for a nice smell. The downside was that this made our mixture a little too liquidy (you want it to be slightly dry and crumbly). It seemed all right at first, but as our bath bombs dried, they puffed out. Note Travis in his too-cool-for-school sunglasses, ha!

Bath Fizzies (3)

Use an ice cream scoop to scoop out each portion, and pack down tightly. Gently release onto a paper towel and let dry for a full 24 hours.

Bath Fizzies (4)

Package the bath bombs in any pretty tissue paper or parchment paper.

Bath Fizzies (7)

We also added a little gift tag with instructions for treating those tootsies!

Bath Fizzies (8)

And of course we saved one to test out at home! Travis loved watching it fizz, before putting his feet in to soak. Don’t forget to give a quick explanation of why it all fizzes up – the baking soda and citric acid reacting together once in water, of course, which releases CO2 gas (ergo, bubbles).

Bath Fizzies (9)


Mother’s Day Hat Card

Mother's Day Card (8).JPG

This adorable card in the shape of a hat, which evokes Kentucky Derby season and all things springtime, makes a wonderfully whimsical card for a special someone on Mother’s Day! When Travis and I spotted the craft in Highlights, we knew we needed to put one together for his grandmother.

Cut a large circle from colored cardstock; we chose a royal purple. I was impressed with the way Travis followed the lines along the circle I drew – I hadn’t realized his cutting skills had grown so precise!

Mother's Day Card (1)

Then we cut the rim from a paper bowl for a smaller circle.

Mother's Day Card (5)

Cut a tab into your cardstock near the middle, and glue onto the bowl. It should be able to lift open and closed.

Mother's Day Card (3)

Next we glued purple ribbon around the bowl, and also affixed a purple bow.

Mother's Day Card (4)

Once the glue dried, we added our Mother’s Day message to grandma under the hat!

Mother's Day Card (6)

Hats off to this cute idea!

Mother's Day Card (7)

Mother’s Day Pocketbook

Pocketbook (9).JPG

Travis’s nursery school is hosting a Mother’s Day tea for the moms next week… and he couldn’t wait to make me this pocketbook to carry to it, once he spied in his latest Ranger Rick Jr.!

First we printed out the pocketbook template from online. Cutting it exactly was a bit too much for Travis, but I cut the shape from construction paper while he snipped out another “pocketbook” for fun.

Pocketbook (1)

Next we punched holes all around the edges.

Pocketbook (2)

To lace it up, use either yarn or string. Because I worried our string might fray, I created an “aglet” for Travis by taping around the end.

Pocketbook (3)

This was definitely his favorite part! He loved lacing up and down with our long piece of string until he’d completed every hole.

Pocketbook (4)

Next up was coloring the decorations, also available for print from the template.

Pocketbook (5)

Travis enjoyed selecting colors, like a light blue butterfly since I love blue.

Pocketbook (6)

I cut out the shapes and we glued them to the front of the purse.

Pocketbook (7)

As the final step, thread a 2 inch piece of string through a button, and slip through the slit in the back pocketbook template; secure with tape.

Pocketbook (8)

Now it will secure the purse shut through the slit in the front pocketbook template. I’ll have to pack it with a tea bag or two for the Mother’s Day tea. Travis was so proud to make me this, and I couldn’t be prouder to carry it!

A Gift for Grandma

Mother's Boxes (4)

Happy May! We’re starting to think about Mother’s Day around here, and if you’re looking for a sweet little gift that your child can put together for Grandma, this jewelry box fits the bill. It comes together in just a few easy steps, meaning even the littlest grandkids can help out.

I purchased two wooden boxes from the craft store to start, so don’t worry: there’s no woodworking required!

Mother's Boxes (1)

Paint the lids of the boxes in whatever colors your children want. We thought pastel shades would be nice for this project. Don’t worry if a little paint goes over past the lid of the box.

Mother's Boxes (2)

We had originally hoped to find decorative nautical knot buttons as the tops of the boxes, but couldn’t locate them in craft or furniture stores. Instead, Travis loved these decorative buttons.

Mother's Boxes (3)

Drill a hole in the center of each lid (grown-up step!), then hot glue the buttons in.

The perfect spot for a grammy to store her jewelry!