A Gift for Grandma

Mother's Boxes (4)

Happy May! We’re starting to think about Mother’s Day around here, and if you’re looking for a sweet little gift that your child can put together for Grandma, this jewelry box fits the bill. It comes together in just a few easy steps, meaning even the littlest grandkids can help out.

I purchased two wooden boxes from the craft store to start, so don’t worry: there’s no woodworking required!

Mother's Boxes (1)

Paint the lids of the boxes in whatever colors your children want. We thought pastel shades would be nice for this project. Don’t worry if a little paint goes over past the lid of the box.

Mother's Boxes (2)

We had originally hoped to find decorative nautical knot buttons as the tops of the boxes, but couldn’t locate them in craft or furniture stores. Instead, Travis loved these decorative buttons.

Mother's Boxes (3)

Drill a hole in the center of each lid (grown-up step!), then hot glue the buttons in.

The perfect spot for a grammy to store her jewelry!



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