Mother’s Day Pocketbook

Pocketbook (9).JPG

Travis’s nursery school is hosting a Mother’s Day tea for the moms next week… and he couldn’t wait to make me this pocketbook to carry to it, once he spied in his latest Ranger Rick Jr.!

First we printed out the pocketbook template from online. Cutting it exactly was a bit too much for Travis, but I cut the shape from construction paper while he snipped out another “pocketbook” for fun.

Pocketbook (1)

Next we punched holes all around the edges.

Pocketbook (2)

To lace it up, use either yarn or string. Because I worried our string might fray, I created an “aglet” for Travis by taping around the end.

Pocketbook (3)

This was definitely his favorite part! He loved lacing up and down with our long piece of string until he’d completed every hole.

Pocketbook (4)

Next up was coloring the decorations, also available for print from the template.

Pocketbook (5)

Travis enjoyed selecting colors, like a light blue butterfly since I love blue.

Pocketbook (6)

I cut out the shapes and we glued them to the front of the purse.

Pocketbook (7)

As the final step, thread a 2 inch piece of string through a button, and slip through the slit in the back pocketbook template; secure with tape.

Pocketbook (8)

Now it will secure the purse shut through the slit in the front pocketbook template. I’ll have to pack it with a tea bag or two for the Mother’s Day tea. Travis was so proud to make me this, and I couldn’t be prouder to carry it!