Handprint Farm

Hand Farm alt

My formerly fingerpaint-averse boy finally doesn’t mind paint on his hands, thanks to some crafts at his preschool, and I seized the opportunity to put together this adorable handprint painting. It’s a cute way to learn about animals on farm sanctuaries while capturing a palm-sized memento.

The goal was to make 3 animals: a pig, a cow, and a sheep. For the pig, paint your child’s palm completely pink. Press onto a piece of paper with the fingers pointing down as the legs. Whoops, our pig was sideways, but we just worked around the oops!

Hand Farm (1)

For the cow, dot black or brown paint onto your child’s fingertips, and make a few additional dots in the palm. These will be the cow’s hooves and spots. Press onto the paper.

Hand Farm (2)

I didn’t have yellow tempera paint at home, only dot markers, which Travis didn’t want all over his hand. So we ended up with a mommy-sized yellow chick! Press onto the paper with the fingers to the side, as the tail feathers.

Hand Farm (3)

Once the paint dries, you can draw in noses, beaks, tails, eyes, and other features to complete the picture.

Hand Farm (5)

Your kids may want to paint a farm background as well!

Hand Farm (7)

Painting on the Fence

Paint on Fence (4).JPG

The sun was streaming through our windows and onto the little patch of grass outside our patio this morning, and I just had to get us outside. To motivate Travis, I did something taboo – painting outside!

Of course plein air painting has a long tradition, but so many of our kids’ crafts nowadays are indoors at craft tables or classrooms or easels. There is something so beautiful about being outside with a paintbrush and paper.

To contain any mess, I poured a few paint colors into a foil tray and gave Travis thick brushes.

Paint on Fence (1)

Use painter’s tape to secure a large piece of craft paper to a fence. If you don’t have a fence, the outside wall of a house would probably work, just make sure you’re using washable paints!

Paint on Fence (2)

The large surface will encourage big strokes – sideways, up and down, or whatever else inspires your little artist.

Paint Fence (6)

My little artist at work.

Paint on Fence (3)

All the more beautiful in the sunshine!

Paint on Fence (5)