Seaside Stepping Stone

Stepping Stone (5)

Happy Memorial Day! We’re officially kicking off summer, beaches, and all things seashore with this craft, care of High Five magazine. The resulting hand- or footprints would make a beautiful hostess gift if you’re visiting friends or relatives by the ocean this year. Happy summer!

To start, roll air-dry clay flat with a rolling pin. The instructions suggested placing a bowl upside down on top of the clay to cut it into a perfect circle, but I didn’t have a bowl the right size. We decided we liked the rather imperfect result of ours anyway.

Stepping Stone (2)

Have your child step into the clay hard enough to leave a foot imprint (or, alternatively, press in a hand).

Decorate around the print with pretty sea-inspired bits, like seashells, or ocean-hued jewels and beads.

Stepping Stone (3)

The seashells were a huge hit, and Travis loved sorting through them and selecting his favorites.

Stepping Stone (1)

Let the clay dry completely before placing the stepping stone on the path to the ocean or beach!

Stepping Stone (6)