Sombrero Station

Sombrero (8)

This adorable craft will keep kids busy if you have Cinco de Mayo plans for tomorrow! Travis and I made ours early, but the craft easily multiplies to keep kids of various ages entertained.

First, I hot glued one paper cup upside down onto a paper plate for each sombrero. Pretty, colorful plates work best, although you could use white if kids will want to decorate them with markers.

Sombrero (2)

We set out an assortment of decorations, including tassels, pom poms, pipe cleaner pieces, and a big dish of glue.

Sombrero (1)

Travis’s favorite decoration by far was to dip a pom pom in glue before finding the perfect spot for it on his sombrero.

Sombrero (4)


Sombrero (3)

To attach tassels to the brim of the sombrero required more hot glue, so that was another grown up step.

Sombrero (6)

Now place atop your head and celebrate (glass of leche optional)!

Sombrero (7)