Nature Hide and Seek Game

Nature Hide (5).JPG

I love activities that combine a nature walk with a later project or game, and this one does precisely that. We set off to find brown and green items from nature that would camouflage two empty toilet paper tubes.

Okay, maybe walking around our apartment complex doesn’t quite count as a nature walk… But there’s always green things to find!

Nature Hide (1)

We returned with a bucket full of treasures, and I laid them out on the table so Travis could take stock.

Nature Hide (2)

He loved using glue and deciding which leaves should go where.

Nature Hide (3)

We left our little camo tubes to dry overnight, then headed off on a walk the next afternoon.

Nature Hide (4)

Travis was the hider first… Perhaps he didn’t find the most secretive hiding place, but it was adorable to watch him try.

Nature Hide (6)

Mommy hid the treasures next, and Travis set off to find them.

Nature Hide (8)


Nature Hide (7)

Overall this was simple, fun, and a neat way to throw in a little lesson about how animals and insects use camouflage to hide in the wild, too.

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