Easter Nest Cookies

Easter Nest Cookie (2).JPG

I meant to post this recipe yesterday, but the Easter holiday ran away from me! Luckily, the nest-themed cookies work great for any point during the spring, as baby birds make their way into the world.

Prepare one package of vegan sugar cookie mix according to package directions and bake.

Immediately after the cookies come out of the oven, indent the centers with a spoon. Transfer to wire racks and cool completely.

Fill the centers of each cookie with frosting (any flavor will do!) and sprinkle with shredded coconut as the “twigs” of the nest.

Easter Nest Cookie (1)

Finally, nestle in jelly beans or your favorite round vegan candies as “eggs.”


Pinecone Hedgehog

Pinecone Hedgehog (4).JPG

Finally we have treasures from our first foray into spring nature walks! What animal did we bring home from our little “safari”? We decided to turn these pinecones into hedgehogs!

First, cut pipe cleaners into pieces about 2 inches in length and set out a cup or dish of white glue.

Pinecone Hedgehog (1)

Travis worked to dip the end of each pipe cleaner into the glue and we nestled them between the scales of the pinecone.

Pinecone Hedgehog (2)

A few finishing touches were all the hedgehog needed. A little glue helped us add a pom pom nose and felt pieces for ears.

To affix googly eyes, we first bent a small piece of pipe cleaner in half, then glued on an eye. Wedge the pipe cleaner ends into the pinecone with a little more glue to hold in place.

Pinecone Hedgehog (3)

What a cute critter – a little prickly though!

Pinecone Hedgehog (5)