Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

Binoculars (6)

At last! Spring has sprung, and we are eager to look for signs of it on these first warm days. It was the perfect chance to put together some easy homemade binoculars before setting off into the woods!

To make the binoculars, you’ll need three toilet paper tubes. Cut one of them open down the middle and leave the other two intact.

Binoculars (1)

Glue the two whole rolls together with hot glue. Affix the open tube on top with more hot glue (this is a grown-up step!).

Travis loved decorating his binocs since we had puffy bug stickers.

Binoculars (4)

Perfect for spring!

Binoculars (5)

All we needed as the finishing touch was a string for around his neck, which I affixed with a little more hot glue.

Then it was time to head out. Travis loved peering through the “lenses” for the first signs of spring!

Binoculars (10)

And look what we found – buds!

Binoculars (9)


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