March Magic

March Magic (2)

This year, mom and dad got a little impish (leprechaun-ish??) to make some magic! Here are a few cute suggestions for on or around St. Patrick’s Day.

Travis has been learning about leprechauns at school, so I told him that while he was sleeping they might make some mischief!

Meanwhile, adults: Paint rocks with gold paint, and while the paint is wet, immediatlely sprinkle with gold glitter. Let dry.

March Magic (1)

Hide the rocks around the house, then tell your children the leprechauns have visited and hidden gold!

March Magic (5)

What else have the naughty elves been up to? Instead of making shoes, they’ve mixed them all up! Mess up all your family member’s shoes and then set the clock and see how fast your kids can match up the pairs.

March Magic (4)

Finally, I strung up a rainbow outside. Use yarn or cording thread in all the colors of the rainbow, and wind it around your yard.

March Magic (6)

Your child now gets to go on a treasure hunt – maybe they won’t find a pot of gold, but be sure to leave a mini prize at the end of each string!

March Magic (9)

What have the leprechauns gotten up to in your house? Please share in the comments!