Juice-Pouch Stomp Rocket

Juice Rocket (5).JPG

Don’t toss that juice pouch from your child’s next snack time. With just a few embellishments, your kid will have him- or herself their very own rocket launcher!

First, make sure the juice pouch is completely empty and rinse any juice from the straw. Reinsert the straw into the pouch; this is your launcher.

Cut a regular straw in half; discard half and keep the rest as your rocket.

Trace 3 trapezoids onto colored paper – littlest kids might need help with this one. The shapes should measure 3 inches on the bottom, 1 inch on the sides and 3/4-inch on the top. Cut out, and cut one of them in half vertically, leaving the other two full.

Tape the 2 full trapezoids to each side of the straw as the rocket fins. Add the half pieces of trapezoid at the bottom with more tape.

Juice Rocket (2)

Travis decided that he wanted to add a few strips of washi tape as embellishment, too.

Juice Rocket (1)

Seal the end of the straw with a little ball of clay. Now your rocket is ready to soar!

Blow into the straw of the juice pouch to make sure it is full of air.

Juice Rocket (3)

Slide the “rocket” onto the straw of the juice pouch. Now stomp (or press) on the pouch and watch your rocket soar!

Juice Rocket (4)

You can teach your little scientist that this project works thanks to compressed air from the pouch, otherwise known as pneumatics!