Story Wheel

Story Wheel (8)

We’ve enjoyed lots of fun lately exploring different ways to make story prompts. This method combines neat mechanics (a spinning arrow!) with drawing and imagination.

First, trace a large circle onto foam board, using any big bowl or other circular object in your house.

Story Wheel (2)

Divide into as many segments as you’d like story prompts. We only did 6, but you could easily divide your wheel into 8.

I also drew the outline of an arrow, free-form, to be the spinner.

Story Wheel (1)

I urged Travis to think of different things we like to tell stories about. Some of them, he did a great job drawing by himself! Here is a fireman’s ladder and hoses.

Story Wheel (3)

A few of them, mommy still had to draw, including bugs, outer space, and a birthday party.

Story Wheel (4)

Once we had all our scenes drawn in, I cut both the circle and the arrow from the foam board with an x-acto knife – grown-ups only for this step!

To attach them together, cut a small x in the center of each piece, and insert a paper fastener. Fold back the ends to of the fastener to hold the arrow in place.

Story Wheel (5)

A fantastic addition to our storytime fun!

Story Wheel (7)

Travis now insists we do a spin of the wheel each night before bed. Sometimes we’ll just use one space, and sometimes spin the arrow multiple times over the course of a story.

Story Wheel (6)