Raindrop Toss

Raindrop Toss (6)

Need a way to beat the blues on an indoor rainy day? This game can be thrown together with materials you likely have on hand, and turns raindrops into the cutest playing pieces ever.

First, we filled a big bin with rice and used a scoop to add about 2 tablespoons to each of 8 sandwich baggies.

Raindrop Toss (2)

Wrap rubber bands tightly around the bags to seal.

Raindrop Toss (1)

Bonus points: you can use leftover rice in a great sensory bin!

Next we wrapped the baggies in two layers of blue tissue paper, and secured with a second rubber band; now they looked a bit like raindrops.

Raindrop Toss (3)

To make them friendly raindrops, glue on googly eyes and pipe cleaner smiles.

Raindrop Toss (4)

While the glue dried, we made “puddles” on squares of craft foam. Paper plates would work well, too – anything you can draw or paint a blue puddle on. We added numbers so that we could keep score as we played, but that’s optional.

Raindrop Toss (5)

Set out the puddles and divide the raindrops among your players, then take turns trying to throw to the puddles.

Raindrop Toss (9)

This game is easily adaptable for multiple skill levels and ages, depending how far back players stand.

Raindrop Toss (8)

A splash!

Raindrop Toss (10)