Markers + Paper = A Long Story

Long Story (5).JPG

Snow day here! The school snow day caught me unawares (I was sure they wouldn’t cancel!) which means we had to come up with lots to do indoors and quick! Enter this easy two ingredient game, and you have endless varieties of play.

Travis was intrigued watching me set up. I laid down piece after piece after piece of white paper in a row, and taped them together, until we had a long scroll.

Long Story (1)

I told him it was for a story, and if he told me what was happening in each frame, I would draw it in. He ended up dictating a fantastic tale involving a crocodile on a boat, who likes to vacuum.

Long Story (3)

Later there were some bells with feet who come to the crocodile’s rescue.

Long Story (4)

I happily followed along with my limited art skills.

Long Story (2)

Once our scroll was filled, he immediately wanted another story. This time, I posed the challenge that he be the author and illustrator.

His story turned out to be all about bells (bells are big here, these days), who got progressively bigger, and had hair and large eyes to see bugs.

Long Story (7)

Even though the story was a bit nonsensical, I loved watching his artistic process, and seeing the way he used markers to capture what he was trying to say.

Long Story (8)

Using your same pictures, you can weave new tales with different words, or grab more paper and keep making up new stories. The only limit here is when you run out of paper or tape, whichever happens first.

Long Story (6)Happy snow day!