TV Puppet Theater

Puppet TV (9).JPG

When we first moved into our new home, we used a huge packing box to make a puppet theater… but it wasn’t very convenient to keep something so big around for long. This little version is much easier to keep and store, and is sure to delight!

We made ours from poster board, but if you use cardboard, your theater will be even sturdier. First, I used a ruler and x-acto knife to cut a square from the center of the poster board; this will be the TV “screen.”

Puppet TV (1)

Next, I showed Travis images of old-fashioned TVs online – he was instantly thrilled, and loved designing his own on our frame.

Puppet TV (2)

He made sure to add antennas and lots of dials and buttons.

Puppet TV (4)

To stand the TV upright, I cut the center piece of poster board in half, and affixed each piece with masking tape to the back of the TV. It was a bit wobbly, but it worked well enough!

Puppet TV (5)

Travis “turned” a dial, and the show was on!

Puppet TV (8)

He loved being behind the frame with silly puppet antics.

Puppet TV (6)

And was absolutely thrilled when mommy took a turn and put on a show.

Pretty soon he had a microphone” set up and singing puppets (even if they didn’t quite fit in the frame anymore).

Puppet TV (10)

Later I caught him playing at being a “repair man” who needed to come fix the TV. So all-in-all, endless good fun with this one!

Puppet TV (7)