Printable Story Cards

Story Cards (7)

Following on the heels of great exploration with our Koala Storytime kit, we used templates from the company’s blog for even more fun making up stories.

Simply print the story card templates, and cut out along the dotted lines. If you want to get a little fancier, print on heavy paper and in color.

Story Cards (2)

At storytime, I told Travis we’d be doing something a little different; instead of reading a book, we’d write our own story!

Story Cards (5)

Have someone in the family select a few cards from the top of the pile, and begin the narrative. (Alternately, you can arrange all of the cards face up and take turns selecting what comes next).

“Once upon a time…” Travis began. He loved it so much that we made up three stories before turning to regular books.

Story Cards (4)

He’s still getting the hang of narrative (“There was a balloon and jeep who wouldn’t share their milk…”) but the basic ideas are setting in!

Story Cards (6)

These cards also make great flashcards for word recognition. For variation, they are also useful for sorting.

Story Cards (1)

Try sorting them into piles like ‘things with wheels,’ or things that are a certain color, or any other category that your preschooler comes up with. What else can you do with these story cards? Share ideas in the comments!

Story Cards (8)

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