Egg Carton Baby Animals

Egg Chick (6)

We upcycled our relative’s Easter egg carton to make these cute spring-themed animals. In all honesty, Travis lost interest very quickly, but I still made the animals because we need signs of spring around here! (Yup, there’s more snow in the forecast for tomorrow…)

There are plenty of steps for kids to help out with – cutting out the carton sections and animal templates, gluing everything on, and adding marker decoration if they would like.

First, cut an egg carton into segments. Cut out as many as you’d like, to have a whole menagerie of baby spring animals!

Egg Chick (2)

I used pastel-colored paper and free-handed the shapes to add on to each animal – long ears and rounded paws for a baby bunny; pointed toes, a crest, and wings for a baby chick.

Glue on the paper pieces and let dry.

Egg Chick (4)

Finally, I used permanent marker to make eyes, a white pom-pom for the bunny’s nose, and a diamond shape cut from paper for the chick’s beak.

Egg Chick (5)

What animals would you and your kids make? Please share in the comments!

Egg Chick (7)