Water Blast Game

Water Squirt (5)

We headed outside this morning for some good old-fashioned fun in the sun – and what could be easier than a squirt gun?

To set up a simple target practice, all you need is a piece of Styrofoam and golf tees. Travis loved setting the pegs up in the Styrofoam!

Water Squirt (1)

Balance ping pong or golf balls on the pegs, then let your little one take aim.

Water Squirt (2)

Travis loved trying this from far back…

Water Squirt (4)

…and sometimes from right up close!

Water Squirt (3)

Then he told me he’d invented a new game: “Look, Mom, I’m moving the ball around in the grass!”

Water Squirt (6)

Of course then there was just the delight of shooting the water gun for a while. A great way to get some sunshine!

Water Squirt (7)