Chalk Bullseye

Chalk Bullseye (4)

We’ve been having fun with chalk this week, whether traditional chalk or our own homemade version. For this game, we simply grabbed a piece of chalk and got drawing! You’ll combine a little exercise with a little math – always a bonus.

For the first variation, I drew a traditional bullseye, and labeled each inner circle ten points higher than the last. This is great for kids who are learning to count by tens.

Chalk Bullseye (2)

Dip a sponge in a bucket of water, than take your best shot at the bullseye. Bigger kids can even keep score over multiple rounds (make the sidewalk your scoresheet!) for addition practice.

Chalk Bullseye (3)

For something a little simpler, we also set up a shape and number review.  Write down numbers 1 through 5, each inside a different shape.

Chalk Bullseye (5)

As he threw, I had Travis shout out which one he was aiming for, i.e. rectangle 4 or heart 5.

Chalk Bullseye (6)

We lost our sunshine before we had very much time to play with these games, but we still had fun while the warm weather lasted!

Chalk Bullseye (7)