Space Goggles

Space GOggles (9)

We recently decided that books about space demanded special space glasses to go with them – the better to blast into the universe! These space goggles from High Five magazine fit the bill perfectly.

First, upcycle an egg carton from neighbors or relatives (we don’t buy or eat eggs). You only need to cut out 2 segments of the carton for the goggles, but we painted a full six segments just for a larger surface.

Travis pretended his yellow paint was really banana puree, which made for some silly fun during the painting process.

Space Goggles (2)

We added a few drizzles of puffy paint for good measure.

Space Goggles (1)

Once the paint dries, separate the egg carton into segments. Add pom poms with glue.

Space Goggles (4)

Here is what Travis preferred to do with his glue and pom poms – my threenager!

Space Goggles (6)

One more round of drying, then I poked a hole in each side of the goggles and threaded through a pipe cleaner. These are the pieces to go behind your child’s ears.

Space Goggles (8)

Time for blast off! Add a jet pack and you’re ready to fly. Or, to read anyway!

Space Goggles alt