Recycled Jet Pack Costume

Jet Pack (12)

We’ve been having fun with empty cereal boxes lately. Combine that with Travis’s current interest in the moon and space exploration, and what better item to turn our cereal container into than a jet pack?

To start, cut the ends of two toilet paper tubes and fold them outward; they’ll look almost like little octopuses.

Jet Pack (1)

Wrap the tubes in foil, then duct tape them to the ends of the cereal box.

Jet Pack (2)

Note: Ideally you’ll have silver duct tape. Unfortunately, I only had yellow duct tape on hand… but it was nothing that a little silver paint couldn’t solve in a pinch!

Jet Pack (4)

Next, wrap the cereal box in aluminum foil, and tape the edges with duct tape. (Add your silver paint to cover any duct tape, if needed, at this point).

Jet Pack (5)

It’s up to your little explorer how they want to decorate the jet pack. Travis always needs lots of glue of course.

Jet Pack (7)

We added construction paper buttons and glitter glue, because of course a project this silver needs glitter glue.

Jet Pack (8)

Use hot glue to attach ribbon or string onto the top and bottom corners of the box; these will be the shoulder straps.

Jet Pack (13)

Our jet pack couldn’t launch without flames, of course! A few strands of tissue paper glued into each tube solved that problem.

Jet Pack (9)

And now we’re ready to fly.

Jet Pack alt

What else might you make from empty cereal boxes? I’d love to hear ideas in the comments!

Jet Pack (10)

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