Frozen Soap Bubbles

Frozen Bubbles (3)

Here’s the perfect game to turn cold (and I mean truly freezing!) weather to your advantage. Believe it or not, I used to hate winter and cold weather. As a mom, I now found myself gleeful when I saw the 10 degree forecast since I knew it meant our frozen bubble solution was definitely going to work.

To prepare the bubble solution, pour a little dish soap into a container, and add a few drops of vegetable glycerin. Notice Travis’s eager hands by the countertop there – he was very curious what I was up to.

Frozen Bubbles (1)

We wanted to test our solution indoors before venturing outside and realized we had no bubble wands around the house! Fret not: cut a few straws in half, gather into a bundle, and secure with a rubber band for the easiest homemade blower ever.

Why pop bubbles with your fingers when you can use a sword?

Frozen Bubbles (2)

Ok, the next step was to bundle up and face the chill. The longer you’re in the cold, the more interesting this will be. The bubbles don’t pop when they hit the ground, but instead float down in big clumps and freeze to the grass.

Frozen Bubbles (5)

Perfect for popping with that sword, of course.

Frozen Bubbles (4)

If you pop them with a finger, they become almost stringy, instead of disappearing straight away. Popping them left what looked almost like white frost on the ground, and Travis adored it!

A note to all those of you feeling cabin fever: Travis was initially hesitant to go outside, but he had so much fun that he was soon demanding we make more bubble solution – and I was the one who had to say our pink noses meant it was time to head back inside. So give those kiddos a nudge and get out there to enjoy! Easily the most magical 10 minutes of our day.