Cardboard Tube Crafts

Cardboard Tube (10)

When is a cardboard tube not a cardboard tube? When it becomes anything your child can dream up for their crafting!

We made two adorable projects this week, one with a short toilet paper tube and one with a longer paper towel tube – seriously, why doesn’t someone just sell these so you don’t have to wait for the roll to end before crafting?

For the shorter tube, we made an octopus. I snipped the bottom to form 8 little tentacles, which absolutely delighted Travis as he helped fold them up.

Cardboard Tube (1)

I asked what color his octopus should be and he settled on yellow.

Cardboard Tube (2)

When the octopus dried, I glued on two googly eyes. Travis adored swimming his new little friend around, and wants to make a whole family (so we’ll have to wait for more empty rolls!)

Cardboard Tube (8)

Far more complicated, we turned our paper towel tube into a magic wand. To start, Travis very carefully selected which paints to use, adding a bit of white, purple, and blue.

Cardboard Tube (3)

Once the paint dried, we added further decoration with foam stickers and glitter glue.

Cardboard Tube (6)

For the top of the wand, I traced a heart from a cookie cutter on construction paper and cut it out for Travis. This, too, needed glitter glue and foam stickers!

Cardboard Tube (7)

I glued the heart onto poster board backing to make it a touch sturdier. Next, Travis wanted to help punch two holes in the heart. We threaded ribbon through this for a fluttery magical wand effect.

Cardboard Tube (9)

Finally, I affixed the heart to the top of our tube with glue. Now he can cast magical spells wherever he goes! What will Sorcerer Travis turn a cardboard tube into next?

Cardboard Tube (11)

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