Stained Glass Apples

Stained Apple (8)

This whimsical creation is a neat way to do stamp painting with your child!

Cut an apple in half crosswise (not lengthwise, as your normally would) – you’ll be able to see the pretty star where the seeds are, which will make for the prettiest prints!

Stained Apple (1)

Squeeze different colors of paint onto paper plates so that each apple half will have a mosaic of colors. Travis loved helping with this step.

Stained Apple (2)

Now dip the apple in the paint, and transfer onto tracing paper. Here’s the key – don’t smoosh the apple around.

Travis got the hang of this so much faster than I anticipated! He really liked the challenge, in fact, of pressing down the apple only once and then pulling up without disturbing the circular image, which is a bit tricky because the apple suctions to the paper. So this project turned out to be great for our motor skill development.

Stained Apple (3)

Once the paint dried, I covered all the apple prints with contact paper (sticky side down), and cut out around the circles.

Travis helped punch holes in the apple circles…

Stained Apple (5)

… and then I laced them together using twine.

Stained Apple (7)

Suspend from a window where the apples will catch the sun!

Stained Apple (9)