Paper Plate Sheep


We made one final animal this week to cap off farm play (see my previous posts for our Koala Farm Crate and Little White Duck). Full disclosure: Travis wasn’t very into crafting this sheep, but he loved playing with it!

First, glue cotton balls (or white pom poms) all over a paper plate. It was hard to coax Travis into this step, only because he much preferred throwing the cotton balls all over the living room!


Once the glue dries, you can add two popsicle sticks as legs. Travis helped color them black, although I had to guide his hand to make sure the thin popsicle sticks received enough marker! Paper towel is just so much more fun to draw on, of course.


We glued on the legs, and then added a rather abstract-art eyes and smile with black marker. Then it was time to trot the sheep around the house!