Alphabet Flower Garden

Alphabet Garden (9)

We are so ready for spring flowers around here, so decided to make them bloom in our home before the ones outside catch up. This beautiful foam sticker garden was a great way to sneak in some learning.

I drew flower stems and leaves on a piece of foam with a permanent marker (poster board would probably work even better), with a letter of the alphabet at the head of each stem. I then wrote the alphabet letters on foam flowers.

Alphabet Garden (2)

It was now up to Travis to add the flower to each stem, matching up letters as he went.

For a few minutes, he was more interested in just fooling around with the foam stickers. But once he made the connection of what I was really asking of him, he was SO excited each time he found the matching stem for his flower.

Alphabet Garden (6)

He made it about three-quarters of the way through the alphabet before losing interest, so I finished off our garden, but not before proudly surveying his work!

Alphabet Garden (5)

The next morning, we added additional stickers of leaves and bugs to round out the picture – a beautiful spring garden.

Alphabet Garden (8)

Spring Sensory Bin

Spring Sensory Bin (7).JPG

Happy Spring! We’re kicking off the new season with this pastel-hued sensory bin. I made dyed rice once before on this blog, but this time I used Kool-Aid for more vibrant color; you can prepare batches exactly the same as for Kool-Aid Dyed Pasta.

Spring Sensory Bin (1)

After the rice dried, I set up with a bin with a few spring animals, a rake, and fake flowers, for a pretty pastel garden.

Spring Sensory Bin (2)

Travis immediately set to raking – he loves scooping through rice, no matter the theme! For this activity, we talked about how flowers grow in the spring, and he loved “planting” some in the rice. Then we decided we needed to fill up a watering can with the rice, which could then rain “April showers” down on the flowers. This went on for quite a while!

Spring Sensory Bin (6)

I also added plastic Easter eggs at one point, which were fun to scoop with, fill with rice to shake like maracas, and more.

Spring Sensory Bin (4)

Travis loved the way that the rice started out in 4 separate color piles, and then all mixed together.

Spring Sensory Bin (5)

Hopefully this helps make your first day of spring as joyful as ours was!

Spring Sensory Bin (3)