Zipline Butterflies

Zipline Butterfly (5)

We’ve been on a butterfly kick lately, and as a final cute project, we put together these coffee filter ones.

The toddler appeal here is that you need to use dot paints to decorate them – and you need to press down HARD. Travis didn’t need to be told twice – he loved pressing the paints and then lifting up to see if the color had bled through.

Zipline Butterfly (1)

Once he’d made as many dots as he could ever wish to, I opened up the filters to show him that we now had… symmetrical butterflies!

Zipline Butterfly (2)

When the paint dried, I twisted a pipe cleaner around the middle of each, twisting at the top to form two antennae. Tape the antennae to a small piece of plastic straw, and now your butterfly is ready to zip along!

Zipline Butterfly (3)

We attached a string in our kitchen and living room for the butterflies to fly. As an alternative, thread your string from tree branch to tree branch in warm weather, or have two adults hold the ends of the string so the butterflies can zip back and forth as you raise or lower your arms.

Zipline Butterfly (6)

One way or another, your toddler will be delighted.

Zipline Butterfly (4)

Block City

BLock City (6)

No day like a snow day to build a whole city!

Save empty food containers (rectangles and squares work best, so set aside items like aseptic milk cartons, cereal boxes, cracker boxes, or pasta boxes ahead of time), and you’ll have a nice assortment when you’re ready to make the buildings for this game.

Block City (1)

We covered the boxes in bright construction paper, and then decorated. You can use markers and crayons, or tape on pictures from magazines – by the end, we had a fire station, gas station, trees, homes, and more.

Block City (2)

You’ll notice that my crafting skills are fairly abysmal – beauty wasn’t my goal here, just imaginative fun!

Block City (5)

Now it was time to make the road! I pulled out a sheet of butcher paper (an old tarp or any flat surface would work fine, too). While Travis arranged his buildings, I drew roads and scenery. I thought he’d want to use the markers on the paper as well, but he was more interested in driving around the cars I had set out.

Block CIty (3)

No reason we couldn’t add some real blocks in with our cardboard boxes, to round out the buildings in town!

BLock City (4)

In sum, this ate up over an hour of a snow day – perfection!