Color Mixing Sensory Table


With a little food coloring and an ice cube tray, you can start to teach your child all about how colors mix to form new ones. If you’re in a warm climate, play this game outside at a water table or empty sand table! Truth be told though, I’m glad we did it indoors since the clear glass containers we used made it easy to see the colors we created.

For my indoor winter set up, I laid out a few spoons and three glass containers on a towel in the bathroom, each filled with a little bit of water (use a towel that you don’t mind getting dirty!). I brought in the ice cubes I had frozen ahead of time, with drops of food coloring added in the 3 primary colors – blue, yellow, and red.

First, we simply dropped individual ice cubes into the containers – Travis loved seeing the water instantly turn a beautiful hue.


It didn’t take long before he was mixing. Seeing yellow and blue make green was a big hit for Travis.


Our red and blue made a very muddy purple, but even this was fun to stir around for a while. Whenever our containers got a bit icky in color from over-mixing, I poured them down the tub and refilled with clean water to begin again.

color-explore-4A big hit!