Little White Duck


Our recent play with a Farm kit from Koala Crate inspired this little craft. I always love crafts that feature handprints, turning the duck into a memento instead of just another crafty project.

To start, trace your child’s hands and one foot on paper; cut out.


Glue the pieces down so the foot is the body of a duck and the hands are his two wings; toddlers will need help with this step to get the alignment right, but preschoolers can do so on their own!


Now came Travis’s favorite part: ripping up toilet paper or tissue paper into small pieces to be the duck’s feathers. We dolloped glue all over our white duck, and pressed on his feathers.


Once the feathers dried, Travis painted on two black eyes and orange “feet”, although he got a bit creative with the placement of the feet. Again, part of the charm of these projects is seeing the way kids interpret them!


Overall, super cute and sure to adorn our fridge for a while.

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