Handprint and Footprint Hearts


We kicked off our Valentine’s Day projects today! As with the handprint wreath we made for Christmas, I love holiday projects that incorporate the current size of your child’s hands – they serve as an adorable reminder as years go by. For this craft, we added in feet, too!

Let your child paint one hand (preferably in red or pink), and then help him or her paint the other hand.


Press the hands onto white paper like a stamp, and ideally you’ll get a heart shape. Travis didn’t exactly keep his hands still, which meant our “heart” is open to interpretation in this one!


The feet, believe it or not, turned out better. While he sat on a stool, I painted the bottoms of his feet red – which he loved, giggling the whole time. We then pressed the feet down one at a time for a very successful “heart.”


Once the paint dries, cut a heart shape around your hand or foot prints. Scalloped scissors make a nice decorative edge. Travis helped glue these onto larger pieces of pink and red construction paper as backing. I then trimmed these into a final, largest heart.


As a finishing touch, you can write your child’s name and the date.


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