V Week!

V week (15).JPG

During our Letter of the Week journey, I put V week on hold long ago so that it could overlap with Valentine’s Day. We sure fit in a lot of Valentine’s crafts, but that’s not all! Here’s what else filled our week.


Volcano: Easily the biggest hit of the week, I started off Monday morning with a bang. To help Travis understand the experiment, we first watched YouTube clips of volcanoes exploding, and I asked if he wanted to make our own at home. Check out the full details in my separate blog post!


We also made a simpler volcano from brown construction paper with tissue paper for the lava.


Vroom: A great action word for the week, you can vroom toy cars, let your child vroom across the room on tot-sized trikes, or pretend your whole body is the car with a round of red light/green light; hold a ball as your steering wheel and vroom when the green sign is up, and freeze when it turns red. Travis liked being the one to hold the signs, too.


Vacuum: Travis is obsessed with my vacuum, so his Valentine’s Day gift was – believe it or not – his very own vacuum to play with! Kids seem to universally love popper vacuums, or if you don’t have an actual vacuum toy, just engage the imagination! Around here, a wiffle ball bat, excavator truck, and hose have all been Travis’s “vacuums” in pretend play.


Vest: For nice practice with zippers or other closures, take out all your child’s vests and try them on your stuffed animal friends!


Volume: It was a fun week to play with dynamics in music. Whatever instrument we chose – drums, sticks, bells – we would first do “volume up!” for loud and then “volume down” for very quiet. And of course, you can apply this game to your singing voices.


Van: The suggestion on Letter of the Week was to take a ride in a van, to which I had to laugh. Without access to a van, we played a game of “find the van for v week!” every time we got in the car. Travis got the giggles out of our search, and it was a great way to talk about colors, too, as in: “I spy a gray van!”

And now our extras…

Fine arts: What didn’t we craft this Valentine’s Day? Check out my blog posts for Handprint and Footprint Hearts, Send a Hug, I Heart You Stickers, “Be Mine” Fro-Yo Bark, and a Valentine’s Garland.


Food: Eat your vegetables this week folks! Travis had vegetable soup, veggie chips, and of course fresh veggies.


Books: Look for Valentine’s Day titles at your local library. Travis’s favorite was Little Bear’s Valentine by Else Holmelund Minarik.


Songs: I couldn’t think of any children’s songs with a V in the title, but we did listen to clips online of the violin. If you think your child won’t be interested, just search for D Sharp playing any song on his blue violin.

Math: I gave Travis a very brief into to the word “vertical” and showed him the difference between vertical and horizontal lines. He scribbled a few tries of his own before losing interest.


Needless to say, we were very busy. I’ll be back next time returning to where we were in alphabet order – E week!

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