I Heart You Stickers

i-heart-stickers-8We always love the craft ideas that come in our High Five magazine, and this month’s was perfect for Valentine’s Day! Before you begin, you’ll need to buy sticker paper, which can be found at any craft store.

On the sticker paper, I drew the outlines of several hearts.


Now it was up to Travis to color them in with pink and red crayons or colored pencils. This was great practice for coloring inside the lines!


(Note: Big kids can not only color in their hearts, but draw the outline of the shape as well).


I cut out the heart stickers, and Travis helped peel off the backing to attach to index cards, which I had folded in half. We added extra heart stickers from the store as well – the more the merrier.


On the inside of the index card, we wrote Valentine’s notes to all of his cousins. Travis grabbed a colored pencil and told me he was writing “Love Travis.”


Although I filled in most of the actual detail on these cards – the words, adding enough stickers to each – I could tell Travis was so proud to be making something special for his loved ones, and that’s part of what I wanted to teach him as to what Valentine’s Day is all about.


Don’t forget a special trip to the post office to send your Valentine’s cards on their way!


Send a Hug


What could be sweeter than receiving a hug in the mail from a loved one far away? Although we made this craft for Valentine’s Day, you could send your hug any time of year to grandparents or other special people in your child’s life.

Have your child lie down on a large sheet of butcher paper, and trace their torso with arms outstretched as if they’re about to give a hug. Kids will love the tickly feeling of being traced by a crayon or colored pencil!


Now it’s time to fill in the details. Travis didn’t want to draw the face, so I asked him to tell me where the eyes/ears/etc. should go, and filled them in.


He then gave himself a “purple shirt,” even though his purple crayon didn’t land exactly where the torso outline was! Part of the beauty of this project is that it will end up how your toddler wants it to.


Across the top, I wrote to our recipient that the picture was “a hug from Travis.” Now fold it up and send it in the mail to someone you love.

This wasn’t Travis’s favorite of the crafts we put together for Valentine’s Day, but I sure thought the end result was the cutest.