Cloud in a Jar

Cloud in a Jar (5)

Turn a rainy day into a science lesson with this cute experiment! With thick rain clouds covering the sky, it was the perfect day to test out the craft (care of Parents magazine), and to ask Travis he thought would happen when our cloud become too heavy with water.

To demonstrate, fill a jar or clear bowl with water until almost full, then add a layer of shaving cream.

Cloud in a Jar (1)

Fill a second, small cup with water and dye it blue for your rain. Travis definitely needed to help with the drops of food coloring.

Now it’s time to make a rain storm! I wanted Travis to use an eye dropper so we could saturate our cloud gradually, but he was much too impatient so we started pouring on our rain instead.

Cloud in a Jar (3)

Needless to say, we soon had a monsoon! Travis loved seeing the blue color swirl down beneath our shaving cream cloud.

Cloud in a Jar (4)

And then this happened of course! A stormy good time.

Cloud in a Jar (6)


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