Whale Napkin Holder

Whale Napkin (5)

As we head into summer nights and summer dinners – whether poolside, seaside, or just out on the patio – this is a cute napkin holder project for kids to put together. Make as many as you want, whether just one whale to add summer fun to your child’s table, or a whole pod of whales for family dinners al fresco!

Cut a length of cardstock (we chose blue) to fit around a toilet paper tube, and attach with a gluestick.

Whale Napkin (1)

Travis thought it was so neat that the rectangle he cut out could be wrapped around in this way!

Whale Napkin (2)

While he worked on that rectangle, I drew a whale for him on a second piece of blue cardstock and cut it out (bigger kids can do this part themselves).

Travis added some belly lines with marker, and glued down a wiggly eye.

Whale Napkin (3)

Glue the whale to the tube and your holder is ready!

It was fun to show him how to accordion-fold a napkin, alternating folds over and under.

Whale Napkin (6)

Slip the napkin in the tube and your whale now has a water spout. Meanwhile, summer diners have a napkin ready when it’s time to wipe those buttery fingers from corn on the cob!

Whale Napkin (4)

A Whale of a Roll


Whale Roll (8).JPG

When you’ve been having a whale of a good time with your Baleen Whale crate from Kiwi Co., you continue the fun with these adorable whale bread rolls. These would be fantastic in a bento box, if you’re into lunchtime art!

To start, Travis made ovals about the size of his fist from store-bought bread dough, which we arranged on a baking sheet.

Whale Roll (1)

Shape smaller portions of dough into the fins and tails. (Note: he had trouble shaping the tails, so I made a rough V-shape for each, which he stuck to the whale bodies).

Whale Roll (2)

Next we pressed a raisin into each “whale” for an eye; make sure to press these in quite deep, or they will pop out during baking.

Whale Roll (3)

Use kitchen scissors to snip a small slice into the front of each whale, and pull open slightly to make a mouth.

Whale Roll (4)

Bake at 425 degrees for 12 minutes.

Whale Roll (5)

Let cool, then poke a hole in the top for each blowhole – a straw worked nicely.

Whale Roll (7).JPG

As the finishing touch, I cut Daiya cheese sticks into small slices, and divided these into thirds to be the spouting water; carefully insert one water spout into each blowhole.

Whale Roll (6)

Thar she blows!