A Whale of a Roll


Whale Roll (8).JPG

When you’ve been having a whale of a good time with your Baleen Whale crate from Kiwi Co., you continue the fun with these adorable whale bread rolls. These would be fantastic in a bento box, if you’re into lunchtime art!

To start, Travis made ovals about the size of his fist from store-bought bread dough, which we arranged on a baking sheet.

Whale Roll (1)

Shape smaller portions of dough into the fins and tails. (Note: he had trouble shaping the tails, so I made a rough V-shape for each, which he stuck to the whale bodies).

Whale Roll (2)

Next we pressed a raisin into each “whale” for an eye; make sure to press these in quite deep, or they will pop out during baking.

Whale Roll (3)

Use kitchen scissors to snip a small slice into the front of each whale, and pull open slightly to make a mouth.

Whale Roll (4)

Bake at 425 degrees for 12 minutes.

Whale Roll (5)

Let cool, then poke a hole in the top for each blowhole – a straw worked nicely.

Whale Roll (7).JPG

As the finishing touch, I cut Daiya cheese sticks into small slices, and divided these into thirds to be the spouting water; carefully insert one water spout into each blowhole.

Whale Roll (6)

Thar she blows!


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