Baby Playlists

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Quick, think about music and infants, and you probably think about lullabies – am I right? And for good reason, of course, because what parent hasn’t resorted to a song to soothe a crying child to sleep?

But upbeat, silly, and rhythmic songs are also great for infants, and indeed can help signal that its playtime or time to stay awake. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to get your baby into a rhythm with distinct naps and wake cycles.

So today I created two playlists for Veronika. The first was what you’d expect: soothing lullabies. You can download these from online services like Spotify or itunes, and make a quick playlist that you can return to again and again.

Playlist (1)

This way, you don’t have to stay and sing; Veronika’s list includes 45 minutes of soothing songs culled from our favorite Music Together collections. I can set the music near her and tackle chores around the house without having to stay by her side and sing.

Looks like the songs are working!

Playlist (4)

The second playlist was completely different! This time I added our favorite upbeat tunes, with silly lyrics, great drum beats, or other playtime elements.

Playlist (2)

Once she’s awake, I turn on this list, and let it be the background music to our play.

Playlist (6)

She looks ready to have a good time!

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A few ideas to get your list started. For the lullabies, try:

My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean


Braham’s Lullaby

There’s a Little Wheel a’Turning

Ally Bally

The Water is Wide

and All the Pretty Little Horses

For playtime, try:

When the Saints Go Marching In

Don Alfredo Baila

Ridin’ in the Car

Alabama Gal

Hey Ho Nobody Home

Jim Along Josie

Frere Jacques

Train to the City

Mississippi Cats

and Noses and Toes

Note: All of the above songs are part of Music Together CD collections.

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Finally, please do check out the my own lullaby CD! Hopefully the a cappella tunes can soothe your little one long after you’re tired of singing.

Egg Carton Mini Wreath

Egg Wreath (12)

Full disclosure: Travis and I had hoped to make this adorable wreath around the holidays, but I didn’t have anyone to borrow an empty egg carton from – talk about #veganproblems! We’ve now gladly upcycled one from Travis’s grandma, so why not make it a Valentine’s Day wreath? In fact, depending what colors you choose for the wreath, it could work to adorn your door at almost any holiday.

First, we needed to tear the egg carton into separate compartments. Nothing like ripping things apart to get out some energy on a snow day.

Egg Wreath (2)

Travis then used a pencil to poke a hole through the center of each segment, which might have been even more fun than the ripping!

Egg Wreath (3)

He then threaded all of the compartments onto a long white pipe cleaner (you can choose the color for this based on any holiday, too). He thought it looked like a snake at this point – fun!

Egg Wreath (5)

Once all the segments are threaded, you’ll need to bend the pipe cleaner and space them out evenly until you have your cute little wreath. Secure the two ends of the pipe cleaner together by twisting.

Egg Wreath (6)

We painted our wreath with green watercolor paint. In retrospect, I would paint first, let dry, and then thread them on the pipe cleaner.

Egg Wreath (8)

Once dry, Travis helped glue on little gems, pom poms, buttons, and other red items.

Egg Wreath (9)

We finished our wreath with a little bow. I added a second pipe cleaner that could be the handle, and hung it from our front door.

Egg Wreath (10)

Happy Valentine’s to all our readers!

Egg Wreath (11)