Clothesline Sensory Adventure

Sensory Adventure (2)

Okay, this activity is probably best done on a warm late spring day, when the air feels good against your skin, and the sun is shining bright, and baby can have bare arms and legs. Not on a winter day with wind gusts up to 60 mph! But I had been wanting a new sensory activity to do with Veronika for some time, so we headed outside anyway!

If you have a clothesline, string it up between two trees or fence posts in your yard. Lacking a true clotheslines, I strung up a length of twine, which worked just fine.

Add a few soft towels and sheets, securing with clothespins.

Sensory Adventure (1)

Now take baby out for a sensory adventure. (You’ll notice a very bundled up Veronika!).

Sensory Adventure (3)

First we just walked up and down the line, as I showed her the colors and let her feel the textures. She had quite the grip on the green towel!

Sensory Adventure (4)

Next we played a sort of peek-a-boo through the sheets, having the fabric drape over her before she emerged with a “pop!” I was hoping this would get big smiles, but she looked a little alarmed by the wind more than anything!

Sensory Adventure (5)

Perhaps we’ll do this again in the springtime… But oh well, we still had a little sensory adventure today.