Ribbons for Toddlers

toddler 23( 5)

I’m finding Travis to be at a tough age for game ideas; he’s too old for many suggested toddler activities, yet too young for those aimed at preschoolers. Luckily, I’m learning I can count him to find a happy medium when presented with a toy or game, as with this ribbon example.

Filling an empty plastic jar with ribbons and streamers is a nice tactile game for younger toddlers – nothing to it! Travis first tried shoving them in all at once:

toddler 23 (2)

But upon realizing that didn’t work, he began more patiently adding one at a time:

toddler 23 (3)

Then of course comes the fun of dumping out.

toddler 23 (4)

But he very quickly tired of the sensory play, and turned to a game we’d recently played at Gymboree: “Filling up” the air on “tires” (inflatable circle shapes) and “wiping the windows” on a “bus” climbing structure.

So he used his finger to “fill up the bottle” singing, “This is the way we fill up the tires,” and then turned the streamers and ribbons into cloths to “wash the bus.” Soon he was running all over the apartment with his ribbons to “fill up the window, fill up the couch, wash the wall, wash the floor” and so on and so forth.

toddler 23 (1)

I love the way he takes games we’ve played and finds a way to make sense of them elsewhere in his world. Even though we as adults know that it makes no sense to “fill up a couch” with air the way you would a tire, he’s grasping  the concept and applying it, and I love watching him at play!

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