All-Natural Finger Paints

toddler 21 (3)

I’ve had these powdered finger paints in my craft cabinet for quite some time, and finally decided it was time to give them a try!

The paints from Wee Can Too are gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan, and conform to non-toxic standards i.e. they are edible if your child decides to take an experimental lick. This actually isn’t a worry of mine. as Travis just doesn’t put things near his mouth that aren’t food, but it’s nice to know in case a future son or daughter isn’t the same.

toddler 21 (1)

When Travis was still eating jarred baby food, we had lots of fun dolloping spoonfuls on his tray each meal to trace shapes and letters. But we haven’t bought a can of pureed food in months now, and I missed our little mealtime educational exploration, hence why I broke out the edible finger paint at last.

When breakfast was over, I told Travis we weren’t getting up quite yet, and squirted a little of each of 4 colors on his tray.

toddler 21 (4)

In a fully honest product review, the paints are very uneven in texture. The first tube I tried didn’t have enough water and was so thick and gloppy I had to throw it away. On my next try I added much more water, but the paints were too runny, hence not great for tracing. The mixture I achieved with purple came the closest.

Still, you can’t go wrong with some good old-fashioned messy finger painting! Travis liked mixing the colors and making ovals (his favorite shape thus far).

toddler 21 (2)

You’ll definitely smell the turmeric used to color the orange and yellow paints, and it will stain a little (as turmeric is wont to do), but it’s nothing a good scrubbing with soap and water can’t remove.

Overall, I’d use the paints again, especially with a child who seems inclined to eat paint, as they felt very natural and safe.

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