Sticky Situations

toddler 18 (1)

Just a simple post this evening. I highly recommend introducing your toddler to stickers early. Peeling them off of sheets and applying them to paper or coloring books is fantastic for fine motor skills, and stickers in favorite designs will delight your little one. To wit, we love truck stickers, rainbow stickers, and shape stickers around here.

I found this neat idea for keeping little hands busy at The Artful Parent. I had my doubts that Travis would be ready for the concept of centering a hole reinforcement sticker over another circular sticker, but to my surprise, he took to it right away!

Talk about good fine motor practice:

toddler 18 (2)

He was very proud of himself every time he applied a reinforcement sticker spot-on.

toddler 18 (3)

In general, I highly recommend Melissa & Doug reusable sticker pads for toddlers. The stickers are easy to peel, great for new images and vocab words (I’m not even sure what some of Travis’s jungle animals are called!), and best of all – reusable.

toddler 18 (4)

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