Sticky Situations Part 2

toddler 17 (2)

As a follow-up to my Sticky Situations post, I had some foam farm-themed stickers that I thought we be fun to put up on our window. Travis was a huge fan of setting up the farm scene, talking about the cows and sheep, and practicing animal noises as he worked.

toddler 17 (1)

What I didn’t anticipate was the hot afternoon sunlight making it impossible to remove said-stickers from the window!

As always, these little “disasters” can turn into joyful moments. Travis was thrilled to see how difficult the stickers were to remove, and eager to help out with the “tricky ones.” Then I got down to scraping (I used a pie slicer!) and Travis thought it was just the greatest thing.

He wanted to help, so I gave him a paper towel and his safety scissors so he could get in on the action. We cleaned off nearly all of it, except one patch of window that I’ll have to work on in his nap!

toddler 17 (3)

A nice reminder that even “disasters” can lead to fun and games.

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