Sticky Situations Part 3

toddler 14 (4).JPG

Next time your toddler needs a “canvas” for their art, try taping a sheet of sticky contact paper to a window, wall, or the floor. Decorations can include crumpled tissue paper, cotton balls, or anything else that adheres to the contact paper. I’ve seen gorgeous rainbow art done in the this way!

I needed to wrap a gift in tissue paper, so thought Travis might have fun having a tissue paper project of his own to occupy him while I worked, but…

…. I should have subtitled this post “How Not to Entertain Your Toddler While Wrapping a Bridal Shower Gift.”

First, there was the excitement of sticky contact paper on the floor. Travis was very curious to walk across it, but needed my help for big sticky steps off a few times.

toddler 14 (1)

We decided we were going to use his tissue paper to make a garden, so then came the fun of ripping the paper into pieces small enough to crinkle into “flowers.” This activity was delightful, although I had to play defense near the cat food bowls so that little tissue paper pieces didn’t end up in the turkey.

toddler 14 (2)

We needed stems for our flowers, but I was out of green yarn. Luckily there’s nothing wrong with blue stems in a toddler’s magical fairy garden!

So then of course we needed glitter. Travis wasn’t content with a few sprinkles; he dumped on whole canisters of Martha Stewart Crafts glitter. “We need purple!” he insisted, once the green was all over our garden, and I couldn’t say no. He loved dumping the purple and spreading it evenly among his flowers.

At this point we were both covered in glitter and embarked upon clean-up with a lint roller. We had a great time, but needless to say, it’s not exactly the right distraction to keep a toddler busy while you’re wrapping someone else’s present!

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