Baby Food Jar Surprises

toddler 27 (1)

Chances are you have plenty of baby food jars to recycle, but before you toss them, try out this neat game.

Fill 3 to 5 clean baby food jars with small toys, making sure to use a variety of materials. I wanted to present Travis with 2 jars that were quiet when shaken and 2 that were loud. For quiet, I used small rubber dinosaurs and cotton balls. For quiet, I chose coins and marbles (Note: I do not advocate using marbles if you have a child who puts things in their mouth. Please use your own discretion!)

Travis fell upon the jars with delight, first wanting to know what was in each, and then helping me find which ones were loud and quiet. We had fun shaking them and deciding which were which for a while. Then he asked me to open them.

toddler 27 (2)

“That’s up to you,” I told him. “Can you see how it opens?” I helped him twist off the lids, and twist them back on again, great practice.

toddler 27 (5)

He was quite busy with the lids for some time while I cleaned up breakfast. A fun and easy start to out morning.

toddler 27 (3)

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