Witch’s Brew

toddler 29 (1)

My sister and I used to have a game we called “witch’s brew,” which basically just meant taking all the ingredients in the kitchen and making the most repulsive concoction we could come up with (peanut butter and ketchup were featured ingredients). This game is sort of the toddler version of that!

On a less yucky level, kitchens are full of learning and playing experiences for tots. I’m so excited for Travis to learn about food and how it’s prepared: how to spoon and scoop and pour, the concept that multiple ingredients can combine together so that the result is greater than the sum of its parts.

So while I was busy prepping lunch over the weekend, I set him up with a few ingredients that I didn’t mind “wasting,” as well as measuring cups and spoons.

Well the very first thing that happened is that he upended the baking powder all over the floor! I didn’t let this “oops” moment deter the fun, but made sure to redirect his attention to pouring the remaining ingredients into a bowl.

Travis was only mildly interested just mixing flour and oil, but he loved the look of his concoction once we dumped in red chili powder.

toddler 29 (3)

Suddenly he was mimicking the things I say as I make a recipe. “We need milk!” he cried. “We need… [pause to think, little brain working] bread!”

toddler 29 (4)

He was so enthusiastic that I confess a fair amount of sacrificial food followed. “We need applesauce!” he insisted. “We need… We need bananas!”

toddler 29 (6)

Super messy fun, but so worth it!

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